Maiwand Taekwondo is a group of talented martial artist inspiring students of all ages to determine the endless possibilities of their abilities. Finding the most effective means to achieve your goals, through the principles of Taekwondo. Our success stories begin from the age of 6 to near retirement. People of all ages enjoy learning from some of the UK top athletes, such as Nationals Champion and world-class Olympic calibre athletes. At Global Champion Taekwondo, each student is mentored through each step all the way to a black belt. Though the black belt is a state of mind, it can be achieved through persistence and perseverance. We implement the lessons of Taekwondo in our daily lives. Mission Statement To be the most sought after Martial Arts school in all aspects of art and sport. Services Besides our full and comprehensive belt progression in the martial art of Taekwondo.


We Train You to Achieve Your Goals

Our instructor will help and encourage you to reach an achievable goal in the main aspects of Taekwondo.

  • FITNESS- Taekwondo will improve your standard of fitness, i.e. 5 press-ups instead of 2, 10 sit-ups instead of what you could do etc. Your aerobic fitness will also improve from certain aspects of your training, which include, for example, striking the pads or circuits within the class.
  • BELTS – Taking belts and grading are optional. Grading is held every 12 weeks. Each belt is a goal to aim for and will offer you a challenge both mentally and physically. After progressing from the previous belt, you will gain the motivation and encouragement you need to progress even further – maybe even to the ultimate Black Belt!
  • CONFIDENCE- With training in Taekwondo you will develop the skills to defend yourself. You will be fitter and you will already have achieved something by training in Taekwondo.
  • COMPETITION – Competitions are optional and are split into two categories taekwondo Poomsae (forms) & Kyorugi (sparing and fighting).